We come to the customer's site for on-site survey. This ensures we are partnered from the very beginning in the planning of the best location(s) for charging station(s).


We order, customize and deliver the product(s).


We install the product. Whether that is in the wall or in the ground, our professional installers are licensed and insured electricians that are skilled and experienced in installing electric charging devices. Installation includes your DC charger, signage & striping.


We offer a 3-year warranty on all
devices. We also provide a yearly software update on all devices to ensure charging station will work when customers want to use it. We also provide monthly
usage reports.

Our stations can be leased or purchased, and we can customize any package to meet any needs!

Bolts EV will install and maintain the charging stations at any location, designing a space that is attractive and safe for patrons. Our customers use the stations via an app or by scanning a QR code.

Get The Charger That's Right For You!

Our EV charging station is the most reliable and cost-effective option on the market. We use high quality materials and have expertly designed this product to provide you with the best value possible.