• Mission

    Our mission is to help shape the EVSE future and all things e-smart by supporting both business to business (B2B) and business to customers (B2C) by providing and installing Level 2 smart charging stations.

  • Vision

    Our Vision is to operate level 2 Smart electric vehicle charging stations all across major cities in the United States of America. To help improve the quality of environmental impact and adopt eco friendly solutions.

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We collaborate with first-line advocators

 Auto dealerships : to assure you'll have an BOLTS EV LLC, EV charging station to take home with you, when you purchase your electric vehicle.

 Contractors & Custom home builders: to assure that BOLTS EV LLC, EV charging stations has been installed in your home.

Real Estate Agents: to assure your purchase of an EV charging through BOLTS EV while purchasing your dream home

Why choose us?

What sets us apart from our competitors is our goal to collaborate with first-line EV advocators B2B & B2C worldwide to assure level 2 Smart Home Charging Stations in every home.

What makes our chargers different?

As electronic smart devices rapidly become a key component in the technology industry,  BOLTS EV LLC recognizes "All Things E-Smart". 

BOLTS EV LLC, Specializes in Level 2 Smart Home Charging Stations. The convenience of charging at home allows you to start your day with a full charge.  This helps minimize what we like to call " RANGE ANXIETY "  which is the fear that the electric vehicle won't have adequate charge to reach it's destination. 

Bolts EV offers 2 options of resolutions of residential wall units for electric charging stations. 

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Who We Are?

Kerisa M. Paige is the founder and CEO of BOLTS EV LLC,  a minority women-owned business specializing in electric vehicle charging stations and providing a variety of resolutions for electric vehicle charging stations. She is licensed as an LLC to operate as an Evse, Electric Vehicle Charging Station Provider, Vendor, Installer, and Retailer Specialist. Bolts EV headquarters has been established in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

  • Kerisa M. Paige

    CEO and Founder

    Home and Residential 

    E/V Charging Stations 

  • Ninette Bennett

    Client Relationship Leader

    Home and Residential 

    E/V Charging Stations 

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