We are a full-service EVSE Distributor Service Solution.

BOLTS EV, is an intermediate dealer between the manufacturer and the retailer B2B or customer B2C.

We provide a full-service solution to business to business and business to customer, to help seamlessly incorporate your smart level 2 electric vehicle charging station into your residential home or business. 

  • Design


    full-service solutions is designed to assist you with:

    • Consulting
    • Ordering
    • Installing
    • Customizing


  • Distribution Partner

    We build partnerships with first-line advocators.

    • Auto dealerships
    • Contractors & Custom Home Builders
    • Realtors...
  • Install

    We install the product. Whether that is in the wall or in the ground, our professional installers are licensed and insured electricians ...

  • Maintain

    We offer a 3 year warranty.

    Distribution Package

    Consulting- general questions about level 2 charging stations and terminologies.

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